Your online guide to achieving health and fitness during COVID-19


Whether you are brand new or a seasoned athlete, we will guide you in the right direction.


Multiple program tracks based on equipment access (general fitness, endurance, core strength, flexibility, mobility, bodyweight, minimal, and full home gym setups)


Your own custom program based on your wants and needs (fix strength imbalances, mobility restrictions, refine movement patterns; fat loss and maintain muscle mass with nutrition and accountability)


Virtual workouts with the community, track your progress through wodify, and weekly challenges with prizes to be won!


Your own coach for accountability, and access to our private Facebook Group consisting of daily tutorials, workout videos, health and fitness workshops / online seminars.

Cassy Gordons success story

Cassy Gordon

Staying at home - 2020 I think this process is quite foreign to all of us. We all feel a little disconnected, without routine, and can easily get lost from the path to success. What’s helped me though this winding path is having a good leader, a routin...

Colby Broeckels success story

Colby Broeckel

Having Bobby and The Workhorse Crew to program and guide the training throughout the gyms shutdown has been awesome. The programming, lending out equipment, the zoom classes, and the non stop attention to detail is amazing. I have to commend Bobby and his...

Kris Coopers success story

Kris Cooper

Working out drives me to be better, to get outside my comfort zone, and to push my limits. It also clears my mind and decreases my anxiety. When I started hearing that the box might have to close, I really started worrying about the effect this would have...

Lauren Wilhelms success story

Lauren Wilhelm

On Monday March 16 my alarm went off at 5 a.m., as it always does, to wake me up to go to the gym. I opened up my phone and panicked when the news I knew would be coming but was hoping against hope would not was there on my screen – my gym was closed in...


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