How Fitness Is Like Wiping Your Ass

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How important is your fitness to you? At Workhorse Fitness Co., we take our programming pretty seriously. Continual progress is the name of the fitness game. If our clients aren’t hitting their goals, we aren’t doing our job. Goals don’t have to be strength related – a goal could be coming back from an injury. A goal could be hitting the gym 5 days a week. A personal best might be working up the courage to finally jump on that box. Goals are different for everybody but everybody needs goals. Complacency kills, so if your training is stagnant, chances are, you are too.


Here are 5 tips to ensure that you continue to progress and hit PB’s in 2020!

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1. Stop Cherry Picking

Some people just go to the gym and “do what they feel” that day. There is no structure and no plan. If you are one of these people, you probably also skip out on the things that you suck at and hammer the things that you enjoy. The goal is to have no weaknesses, so suck it up and don’t skip leg day.


2. Stop Jumping Programs

You need to give a program a chance before you decide it’s not for you. I used to see so many people at the gym get hyped up on a program only to start a different one 2 weeks later. There are hundreds of programs out there that work, but none of them will do you any good if you keep switching them out. Like Coach Boone said, it’s like novocaine. Give it time, it always works.


3. Stop Avoiding Recovery

If you don’t recover, you don’t grow. Simple as that. Yet, we still see people slave 3 hours in the gym only to sleep for 5 hours, drink excessively on weekends and avoid their therapy. If you are serious about your fitness, your recovery methods have to be too. Water intake, sleep, sound nutrition, regular massage, and checkups with a health professional are all part of a successful program.


4. Stop Making Excuses

Sometimes you just have to accept the facts and stop making excuses. Are you really too busy for the gym or are you just lazy? If you’ve hit the weightroom once this week but you know all of the characters from Games of Thrones, there is a problem. Are you running out of time or are you just talking too much? Are you following the program properly, or did you try to max out 5 days in a row when it was a planned deload week? The list goes on and on. Stop giving yourself an out.


5. Stop Giving Yourself a Choice

Do you ever leave the door without brushing your teeth every morning? Forget to wipe your ass after getting up off the toilet seat? No. These are just things that you do. Exercising is no different. Physical activity and being able to move is a privilege. Everyone should exercise and they should do it every day. Your body is one thing that is truly yours that cannot be duplicated by anyone else and you only get one. Start respecting it and give it the attention that it needs.

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