Meg Hogan

Meg Hogan


  • BSc in Exercise Physiology
  • Concentration in Pre PT/ OT - Kent State University
  • AS in Athletic Training - Kent State University


Ultra-runner. Dog lover. Professional traveller. Laughing machine. Concert enthusiast. Lover of all things movement indoors and outdoors.

My Jam (what I’m good at, what I’m best at helping people with):

I truly believe health is a feeling not just a look. I love pushing my clients to become stronger both mentally and physically. I’m all about getting out of your comfort zone. I like to break movements down as I am big on technique and movement posture. My experience working in clinical physical therapy and rehab has given me massive insight into injury rehab and prevention. When it comes to training I like switching things up, working out in fun innovative ways. I love working with my clients helping them connect with their bodies building their strength, stability and mobility.

Dream Workout:

It starts with deadlifting.
Turns into an Iron Lung.
And finishes with running.
Lots of running.
I’m talking hours.

Nightmare Workout:
Any workout that is repetitive.
I need variety.
I like reps but not repetition.

Favourite Food:
Chicken Wings Baby

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