Bobby Tran

Head Coach / Owner
Bobby Tran


  • Bachelor of Human Kinetics, University of Windsor
  • CrossFit L1 Trainer
  • CrossFit L2 Trainer
  • CPPS Lvl 2 Trainer
  • Certified L1 FST
  • CSCS - IHP
  • CrossFit Strongman
  • CrossFit Weightlifting
  • RKC Kettlebell
  • Power Monkey Gymnastics
  • Power Monkey Olympic Weightlifting
  • Precision Nutrition L1


Strength Preacher. Dad Bod Revolutionary. Barbell whore. Fighter of the Good Fight.

My Jam (what I’m good at, what I’m best at helping people with):
Connecting with people, forging strong relationships, and figuring out what makes people tick.

Dream Workout:
Snatches and Bar Muscle Ups.

Nightmare Workout:
Running or walking at a brisk pace.

Favourite Food:

Shrimp Po’ Boy with a side of crawfish heads.

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